Thursday, September 29, 2011


This Saturday, Small Ritual is hosting an fundraising concert that I helped put together. If you're in White Rock on Saturday night and have a few hours to come hear some original music from some brilliant independant singer-songwriters, we'd love to see you.
Above is the poster I put together for the event using a free trial copy of Corel Picture-Paint, which was roughly the equivalent of giving the keys of a Ferrari to a toddler. What a complex, amazing piece of design software. Light years beyond what I had used for my last foray into 'graphic design' when I very slightly enhanced an other wise completely legitimate photo of me pipping a certain female triathlete in the finish chute. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Hard to believe that it has been exactly one year since my last post. It doesn't feel like nearly that long and I don't even want to think about how long it has been since Boston.
Lots has happened over the last year but very little of that has been training. I've struggled to come up with a reason why training fell off the wagon. Partly it may have been Boston burnout, which I'm sure is very common. Part of it was having an 8 month old daughter who was a very light sleeper and the desire to avoid waking her up with my alarm clock. Training leading up to Boston had me as quick as I had ever been and feeling like a shot at a sub 3hr marathon was a realistic goal. Now, whatever the factors might have been, Boston 2010 + 16 months mostly finds me more Fatdad than Fitdad much to my chagrin.
That said:
Surrey, the city where I live, announced that next year, almost a year from today speaking of anniversaries, they are holding the inaugural Surrey Marathon. Surrey was recently designated as the region's next metropolitan center (Vancouver is the other, for those of you unfamiliar) and have started to built a legit downtown core in what was/is one of the Lower Mainland's rougher neighbourhoods including a new library (Google it, it's beautiful), a new City Hall, Courthouse, University, Brew pub! etc. The race is a coming out of sorts and a chance to showcase what Surrey City Center (forever known to Surrey residents as Whalley. Don't Google it, it's NOT beautiful) has become.
I have lived in this city all of my adult life and the idea of achieving my last remaining marathon goal in the first ever marathon in my home town holds tremendous appeal.
Beth's post today reminded me of blogging and training days gone by, when the interweb was a place to un-self consciously post goals, successes, failures, workouts and any other inane thing that was on my mind at the time I sat down at the keys. I've missed the encouragement, accountability and inspiration of a community of people whose dreams are, for the most part, even wilder, and crazier than my own.
It's my hope that one year from now, I'll be looking 6 days forward to another marathon attempt and back on more than just one post here.