Friday, May 29, 2009


Training is going well. The issues with the lower leg from the form work are resolved and I did some barefoot strides the other day with no discomfort. Sweet!
I'm looking for some feedback around how to fill my days between now and when Boston training begins for real.
Originally, I was going to train for 5-10K using Daniels' plan. Then, I thought that rather than train for a specific distance, I'd work from one of Daniels' 'general' fitness plans included in the second edition of 'The Running Formula'. Now, having re read some stuff that suggests staying in 'base mode' as long as possible, Im debating sticking to relatively easy mileage with one threshold run and one set of strides per week until about 20 weeks out from Boston.
I know that as long as I'm running regularly and staying healthy, I'll be in a great spot to launch into a 20 week plan leading up to Boston.
I guess I'm looking for opinions from you guys out there.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Last post got flagged for copyright infringement and the song file was removed from my online file sharing provider. Piracy: It's not just for Somalia anymore.
The only song I've posted that's been used by Apple in an ad campaign is the only song that's ever been pulled. Coincidence?
Training is going OK, got over a little set back with my ankle that kept me sidelined for about 5 days. Feeling good and looking forward to building the mileage now that the weather is better, the days are longer and Brian is back running again.
Thinking of heading down to Bellingham to run the North Face Endurance Challenge race in June. The 10K looks good andfor those who are up to it they are offering distances up to 50 miles. It's $50 to enter and includes some decent swag including a shirt and some socks. It's Jamie's birthday that weekend and we're going to send Violet for some bonding with her grandparents for a couple days and make little vacation of it. Might book accomadations here.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Slack Post

Been doggin it a bit on the posting lately. Back training on a schedule again for the first time since early December and Vegas. A little bit of track work and getting the miles up. Found a great grass field near my house and have been running barefoot strides there to work on my form. I've overdone the form work on the track and have beat up my lower legs a little. My ankle is pretty sore so I'm going to take the hint and ease up a bit.

It's been a WHILE since I've put any music up here. Mostly because when I'm not doing long runs I'm not listening to new music.

The girl in the header photo is my 2 year old daughter Violet. This song is not a new one, but it's currently our favorite dance song. She calls it party song and can sing all the words to the chorus. Sweet.