Friday, May 8, 2009

Slack Post

Been doggin it a bit on the posting lately. Back training on a schedule again for the first time since early December and Vegas. A little bit of track work and getting the miles up. Found a great grass field near my house and have been running barefoot strides there to work on my form. I've overdone the form work on the track and have beat up my lower legs a little. My ankle is pretty sore so I'm going to take the hint and ease up a bit.

It's been a WHILE since I've put any music up here. Mostly because when I'm not doing long runs I'm not listening to new music.

The girl in the header photo is my 2 year old daughter Violet. This song is not a new one, but it's currently our favorite dance song. She calls it party song and can sing all the words to the chorus. Sweet.


Ryan Denner said...

the barefoot running/striding will help immensely with form! get it!

runninggunner said...

about time for a post. I thought you were returning to fatdad, status.

Keep up the barefoot running. Just don't overdo it.

Ryan Denner said...


I tried infinit at the beginning of the '08 season in training, and it was the only thing I could take on the bike that not only not give me side stitches on the run and make me feel like crap (GI wise). clif bars, gels, carbo pro - nothing really worked.

I had a few friends that used it over the '08 season, and they had nothing but great things to say about it ("it just works!"). I tried it at IMLP last year on the bike for the second time, and my only regret is that I didn't continue using it on the run. The stuff is magic for me.

btw, it comes in powder form, and you can make it very concentrated (so long as you consume it with extra water). At IMLP, I put 9 scoops per water bottle (and then sipped straight water from the aero drink bottle). I would definitely recommend trying it. I used the orange, and think it tastes pretty damn good.

let us know how it works for ya!