Friday, May 29, 2009


Training is going well. The issues with the lower leg from the form work are resolved and I did some barefoot strides the other day with no discomfort. Sweet!
I'm looking for some feedback around how to fill my days between now and when Boston training begins for real.
Originally, I was going to train for 5-10K using Daniels' plan. Then, I thought that rather than train for a specific distance, I'd work from one of Daniels' 'general' fitness plans included in the second edition of 'The Running Formula'. Now, having re read some stuff that suggests staying in 'base mode' as long as possible, Im debating sticking to relatively easy mileage with one threshold run and one set of strides per week until about 20 weeks out from Boston.
I know that as long as I'm running regularly and staying healthy, I'll be in a great spot to launch into a 20 week plan leading up to Boston.
I guess I'm looking for opinions from you guys out there.


runninggunner said...

Register and train for a hard 1/2 marathon. Preferably around the end of November.

FatDad said...

I think you might be biased.

Lucho said...

Grow a beard, a really bushy and long one. Run a lot with a low HR. Have fun.