Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Years Photos

Me doing my best (worst) John Bonham impression.
"John Bonham's playing 'Moby Dick' for real! " Oh 'Stepbrothers'. What a film.

Jamie enthusiastic on M. I. C.

This kid should not be allowed to get a drivers license ever. Look at the crazy grin. I'm nervous already.

This one is pretty self explanatory...

Next morning we all went to the ocean for a little swim. Violet hitched a ride and was dressed appropriately for the weather. Others of us, however, were not.

Rob and I congratulating each other on an excellent swim while Brian looks on. And yes, those are his goggles on his head.

Pretty rad way to ring in the New Year. Thanks Gunn's for hosting such a kick ass party!


runninggunner said...

That was some good times dude.

beth said...

you're hard core.

Jackson said...

Looks like Gunner took the Vince Neil approach to RockBand haha!

You guys are, for lack of a better word in THAT situation, Nuts for doin that swim!