Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Race Report"

OK, so who am I kidding. There's no race report coming. I had every intention of writing one but time got away. I've attached the chart from my Garmin. It was hilly singletrack. It was lots of fun. I'm going back next year. Nuff said.

Training is going well. Running every day with pretty easy efforts. Running on PE about an hour a day and trying to get long runs in on the weekend. Keeping it nice and easy and just trying to build up that aerobic base so I'm ready for when the real push comes leading up to Boston.
Did my first run over 10 miles for some time yesterday ( I did say trying to get the long runs in). Beautiful day here at the coast. Slapped on some sunscreen and headed out for 2 hours easy. Ended with 14.6 miles, 8:12 pace average against HR average of 153. HR started rising a little towards the end of the run due to fatigue, heat and lack of fuel (IE hungry!)
Those of you who've seen me know that I've got a pretty sickly cave tan going most of the year. Sunscreen is a must. SPF 50 is a minimum. And yet, for some reason I didnt think to do my legs yesterday. Moving too fast for the suns rays to catch them. Yeah, not quite.

That white dot is my normal pigment. Check out the sweet sock line. Looks great with the flip flops. Endurance athletes are sexy!

Tomorrow is Canada Day and Jamie, Violet and I are heading up to Whistler to chill until Saturday. I'm looking forward to some epic scenery and promise lots of pics when I get back.


jameson said...

dude.... i have the sweetest cycling/farmer's tan going on right now. I embrace it... it's like a badge of honor. i don't care how dumb i look.

keep up the consistency... that's what it's all about.

kerrie said...

nice tan! i think i saw your twin here the other day...
so jealous that you are in whistler for canada day - sounds like fun! we have been busy loading up on vancouver olympic stuff, which makes me think of how cool it would be to watch and to hang out in whistler while it is all going on!!!

runninggunner said...

About time dude. Loving the burn.