Thursday, August 27, 2009

Violet's little sister

Training took a backseat this week when we were called in to the hospital a couple weeks early for our C-section.
Lucy Rene joined the family at about 2:40 on Tuesday afternoon. 8lb 3oz at 37 weeks. We're all home now and mom and baby are both doing great.
Violet is super stoked to be a big sister.

Thanks to Grandma for taking care of Violet while we were in the hospital and thanks to everyone who came to visit with burgers and coffee. And a special thanks to Jamie for letting me eat it in front of her while she was waiting for the nausea from the anesthetic to wear off.


runninggunner said...

Welcome to the world LUCY!!!

Good work homey. Now no more slacking. Ha ha.

Ward said...

Congrats Ward! You got your hands full..

jameson said...


Lucho said...

Awesome man!!!! Very cool to hear. Now you can join me in the sleep deprivation tank :) I'm really happy for you guys.

kerrie said...

congrats - she's beautiful - and so chunky looking :). Lucy is a pretty good name too!