Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mo-vember/Training update

A couple of pics of my costume from the Mo-vember wrap up party. Our team ended up raising about $1000 for prostate cancer research. Thanks to everyone for their support.
The wrap up party was at a club in Chinatown called Fortune Sound Club. I walked into the line and the girl in front of me turned and said" When you were coming up the street all I could think was 'Oh, I hope that mullet isn't real'". Best compliment ever. It's a bit disturbing how real it looks and how much I enjoy wearing it...

And beneath the Canadian tuxedo, my new favorite shirt.

Training is going well. I'll end the week close to 50 miles and begin adding faster
efforts next Wednesday.
Weekly schedule will look like this initially:

T- Off
W- Key workout 1
Th- Easy
S-Long/Key workout 2

Hopefully, the rest day wont leave me feeling dead legged for the week's second key workout. The way my week sets up with work and family doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room to change things around.
Monday is 18 weeks until Boston. We've rented a room in a B&B across the water in Cambridge for our accommodations. We've got a room on the third (top) floor seperated from the rest of the units. Pretty pumped that we'll have the ability to do our own cooking and won't be held hostage by the hotels and their overpriced menus.
The suite is about 1M from the finish/shuttle areas and very close to the subway line. Local transit passes are $16 per week and include unlimited subway travel and access to the innrer harbour ferry. We're there for a week and I can't wait to check out the city. This time, unlike Vegas last year, we're flying in just before the race and staying for a few days after. Super pumped. Maybe check out a Bruins game, who knows. Never been to the Eastern seaboard. I'll probably swim in the Atlantic just in case I never get back there.


kerrie said...

sad thing is, i've actually seen that look...lots. classic canadian tuxedo with the hockey hair - all business up front and party in the back, lol.

the stache is pretty creepy though...

runninggunner said...

are you sure you should be putting those pictures up? You might get arrested.