Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Fun

Just a quick post to keep the blog alive after realizing that my last post sounded somewhat final. It's been about a month since Boston and I've run about 4-5 times. It's been good to have a break but I'm getting a little tired of sleeping in and eating chips. If you can believe it.
Started riding my bike to work on a challenge from Gunner to see who could get to work under their own steam for the most consecutive days. I get one 'free' day a week to drive to take stuff back and forth: my suits, laundry like towels etc.
I should have asked for odds as his round trip is approx 3 miles and I'm 6.5 one way.
Weather here has been good. Dry for Vancouver this time of year and relatively warm as well. It's made for good cycling.
Not sure what I'll do through the summer. I've got my eye on a Cross Country series that runs in Fall which could be just the ticket to keep me motivated to train through BBQ season.
Regardless, should be a good summer and I'm hoping to head to Puerto Vallarta in October rocking decent 'fitness' read-abs! haha

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jameson said...

chips and BBQ season... i love summer!