Sunday, October 30, 2011

Discipline Squared

Today at church, Roger laid out 6 daily disciplines which are foundational to shaping spiritual character and challenged us to spend the next 40 days taking a serious step into them. 

To pull from his blog:  Disciplines, practiced over a period of time, become habits or lifestyles- habits and lifestyles, repeated over a period of time, become character- and character over time shapes a life!  So, it follows that if you want to change a life- start by establishing an appropriate discipline which will lead to a habit/ lifestyle which will develop new character which will change how life is lived. 

There seems to be something significant about the 40 day time period. Long enough to start a new habit and build some momentum, for sure. With that in mind I'm going to lay out 6 running disciplines for the next 40 days to kick start my return to training and re-establish some of that lost 'character'. 

1) Run every day. Simple. Basic. Even if it's only 30 minutes. No zeros for the next 40 days.

2) Long run each week. 90 minutes at least.  

3) 2 days strength work per week. I've been using the Mark's Daily Apple Primal Fitness regime and it's been working well. Keep it up.

4) A small warm up and cool down each time out. Nothing special, basic movements for strength and flexibility. More about the discipline to do the small things that make a difference than anything else. 

5) I went all of 2009 without eating candy. The day of Halloween seems like a good time to start that again. 40 days, no candy. I reserve the right to take a different stance towards ice cream. 

6) Post here every day recapping how it's going. Hold myself accountable for how it turns out. A  couple words, a few paragraphs, no matter.

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SixTwoThree said...

Inspiring on a few levels! You're the second person this week I've come across who is swearing off candy until the holidays.