Friday, March 14, 2008

From here to there

The last time i ran 26 miles was at the Royal Victoria Marathon in 2002. My goal was to run under 3:30. Three or four weeks before the race, in a testosterone fueled massive lapse of judgement, I raced one of my training partners in a 5K fitness test. I lost the 'race' by about 7 seconds and felt something *pop* in my groin with 50m to go. Awesome: 30 odd weeks of discipline and training out the window in 18 minutes. Unwilling to heed good common sense, I took two weeks off, convinced that would be enough rest to heal up before the race. Fast forward to race day: 5 miles left, all running partners long, long gone, dragging one leg. Finished in 3:34 and was rewarded with my finishers medal, a wheelchair ride home on the ferry, and a set of nice shiny crutches for the next several weeks. I never, EVER, thought I would run another marathon.
Until someone talked me into training to qualify for Boston.
And here we are.


runninggunner said...

And who was that handsome, young, fit gentleman? I don't know but I'm glad you got your Fat A$$ off the couch and got serious about training again. Violet told me she's happy too. She was worried about you.

jameson said...

Thanks for the comment man... and I am going to be stoked to follow along as you try to qualify!