Thursday, December 4, 2008

One More Sleep

Tonight is our last night at home before we take off. Jamie's parents are in town from Saskatchewan to look after Violet while we are in Vegas which means that tonight they get our super sweet Tempur Pedic and Jamie and I are hitting the air mattress in the living room. Oh yeah! I'd sleep in the garage if I had to. I'm so pumped to have them come out like that. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Workouts this week have been pretty light, just a few miles at or slightly below race pace to keep the legs turning over and feeling loose.
I usually run in the morning before work. I slept through one workout earlier in the week and later that evening I emailed Tim to let him know I had missed it and to see if it was cool that I make it up the next day. He sent me an email that basically said:
"I work hard on this schedule. Timing of workouts is important. No, you can't just F^%&*(ing make it up later.It's 4 days before your race. get your head in it! There is no 'make it up tomorrow'". OK, so he didn't actually swear, the email was very professional and I may have been reading waaaay too much into what he wrote but I SWEAR I could feel the frustration.
It was 8:30Pm by the time Jamie got home from the gym that night and I was out the door at 8:31 to make up the workout!


GZ said...

Now that is the Lucho I know and love.

beth said...

3 more sleeps until i rip your legs off. just kidding.

funny about lucho. you got disciplined!

see you on saturday (at the expo or something??) i'll be in the "will run for burgers" muscle t

runninggunner said...

Ya Dude the time has come. You are going to kill it. Don't worry though, I'll drink enough beers for you as well.

It's time to go All in.

kerrie said...

ha ha...i totally believe he said that! just be happy he doesn't live within running distance of your house!!!!!
time to suck it up, buttercup! i want no excuses.

i bet it was real hard to convince your inlaws to ditch sask. for a

Lucho said...

Man... You guys always make me out to be the bad guy. First Beth, now you... Alright, enough about poor me.
I worked my ass off to get you as fit as possible! If you don't kill it on Sunday I'm going to be SOOOO pissed! I mean it! ;)
You did all the work and you're very fit. I know you're going to fly! My thoughts will be with both you and Beth on Sunday!!