Monday, December 1, 2008

Yo, it's RACE WEEK!

Three more days of work and we're getting on a plane and heading down to Vegas! All the work is done. The only thing left is to run the race. Today's title is stolen from Tim. It was the subject line of the last email he sent me with this week's schedule. Just the one key workout for the week: Sunday, 26.2 mile long run. To steal another quote from coach, "Today is going to be easy until it gets hard." Right.
Gunner is down with a bad leg and is about 90% that he won't be running so it looks like I'm throwing down solo. Pretty bummed about it but it sounds like he has some shenanigans planned which will for sure make up for it.
Post race meal is all planned out. The four of us, Me & Jamie and Brian & Julie, are planning on meeting up with James and Beth and hitting up the Mandalay Bay Burger bar. The Cali crew scoped it out online and it looks pretty sweet! Several different types of meat to choose from and toppings that would blow your mind: obviously all the usual suspects like cheese etc. but when was the last time you had the option to add fois gras to your burger? How about black truffles or a half a lobster? Looking forward to it. If you all have any other suggestions for places to eat in LV, let me know. I'll be looking for a post race buffet to hit: off season begins promptly 3:08 after race start.
FatDad is making a comeback!


runninggunner said...

Yeaaahhhh Homey!!!! You're going to rock it.

I'll just be hanging out with w#$% out at the finish.

kerrie said...

what is this 3:08 crap?!?! beth says that it is sub 3:00 all the way. no excuses.

as for places to eat, i hear that 'thunder from downunder' has a great buffet, ;)!

Ward said...

All the hard work WILL pay off.. Good luck, you're gonna rock-it! Enjoy Vegas.. I lived there for 10 years back in the late 60's and 70's...

Jeff said...

Good Luck! Time for some payback on all your hard training. Sooo many great places to eat in LV.

Jackson said...

There is a really good steak house in New York New York

Obviously the dinner buffet at the bellagio like i mentioned as well as the planet hollywood lunch buffet that i mentioned to you.