Monday, February 16, 2009

Super Sunday

Beauty shot of the Vancouver skyline looking south east from the Stanley Park seawall. I was treated to almost 2 hours of this Sunday morning.
Ran my first pseudo race of the year: the Pacific Road Runner's First Half half marathon. Our friend Stephanie was racing and convinced Jamie and her brother Jared to run. Jamie signed up and then decided she wasn't going to run so I figured that one of us should. After all, it was $55 and the race sold out in about 5 hours. So, I agreed to run and to meet Steph at the 10 mile mark and run her in the last 3 miles. I hadn't done a long run since Vegas so this was mostly for fun but I was curious to see how I felt. Here's Jared on the way down at about 6:30 AM.

The race was amazing! If you live in the Greater Vancouver area and can get in, I would recommend this race FOR SURE. A beautiful course around the sea wall and a great expo/food line afterward. This is the most surprising shot of them all: Jamie with a big smile after being woken up at 5 and dragged to a race that she wasnt running. And yes, it was a little chilly. Sunny, but cold.
Even Violet came to cheer me and Uncle on.

I took a page out of Speedo Steve's book and decided to run with a camera. Did you know that a Canon Powershot will fit in the front key pocket of your tights? Well, it will. And you'll get many odd looks when you reach in there and grab it during the race!
Not sure why I look so intense in this pic. Kinda reminds me of Zoolander, but as a runner. One pace? One pace? Really, really, ridiculously fast looking. Haha

There were only 2000 runners so it didn't take long for me to catch up with Steph. I started back in the pack so I would be sure to see her at least once before the 10 mile mark.

I also ran into Michelle, another Sugoi Brand Champion. If you enlarge the pic you can see the cool West Coast Native design on the arm warmers. Looking good Michelle.

The course was pretty much 13 miles along the water. If you've been to Vancouver, you'll know that the weather is always like this. Sunny. Always.

The run for me was actually pretty good. I started back in the pack and hit my watch to start as soon as the gun went off. It took me about 1 min to get to the line and I stopped once during the first mile to adjust my stuff. The camera and iPod, that is. Garmin said 9:30 for that first mile and I was between 7:10 and 7:20 for the next 9 miles. I felt not bad for having not really been running.

The rest of this post is bascially an ad for the 2010 Olympics. Vancouver is rad, the weather is always sunny and warm. Come and enjoy our city.


runninggunner said...

What a great day it was. This weekend has had good weather the last 3 years. Weird.

Jackson said...

Now that is what you call a blog post! Those are some pretty sweet pics man! You gotta stop showing off our city tho, there are enough people here already. Try driving to Langley from Poco in the morning and you'll understand. O just think back to why you left Richmond, lol.

Ryan Denner said...

those photos rock! very cool that you took these DURING the race!

kerrie said...

yeah - sunny is always the first thing that comes to mind when i think of vancouver! i think those pics were photo-shopped!

Kelsey Letham said...

What a beautiful weekend for the event. It was right in my backyard!A great idea with the camera Ward..Your probably right about the looks when you grabbed the! Nice work on the pics.