Tuesday, March 10, 2009

UBC Sprint Tri Race Report

Kept this kind of under the radar. Hadn't really been training much for tri's since Gunner broke his collar bone. I was having trouble sleeping and my new morning schedule at home was making it tough for me to get to the pool in the AM. So, after Brian got busted up, I really started to question how committed I was to training for triathlon and the longer I thought about it, the more it looked like this would be my first and last tri race of the year.
Aside from the Oly distance race I did about 4 years ago on almost no training, this was my first tri race, period.
Not much to report, really. Raced without a watch, just wanted to sustain a good effort without paying too much attention to where I was time wise. I was pretty much counting on coasting off my residual fitness from Vegas!
750M swim, 20KM bike, 5 KM run, finished in 1:23, 61/360-ish. 5th in my AG.
Bike rank, 30th overall, run rank 45th overall, swim rank 175th! Looks like I did all that shaving for nothing! JK.
Gunner took some pics. Best shot is me having a mid race chat on the wall in the pool with another swimmer. Classic Canadian conversation:
"Sorry, you go ahead"
"Oh no, I insist, you first."
"No no, you go. Please."
"OK, sorry, you sure?"
"Sorry, yes, I'm sure. OK, sorry, go ahead"
"Sorry, OK, thanks. Thanks again, sorry about that."

I'm switching back to running for the rest of the year in a long multi stage build up towards Boston in April 2010. The plan at this point is to train short and fast (5K and 10K) through the summer, some cross country maybe in the Fall, a little rest then back to marathon mileage (hopefully with some new speed) through the winter and spring. If I feel like I've found my limits at that point, I'll come back to triathlon. If not, I'm going to keep running until I have.
And of course, chin ups, push ups and no candy until at least the end of bathing suit season. I might not be a triathlete, but that won't stop me from wearing the Speedo!


runninggunner said...

Good Work out there holmes.

kerrie said...

don't give up on the swimming yet! it sucks but it is good cross training. it just takes a loooong time to make improvement.
where are the speedo pics?

Jackson said...

Thats cute that you gotta have Gunner holding your hand to train. Dont give up on the swim man, remember your new years resolution! A ginger's goal in the summer should always be to try and expose the least amount of skin posible to the sun! Speedo probably not a good idea.

beth said...

i am cold from reading about this. you are a champ for battling the freezingness.
nice work! and do what is best for YOU.

Wet Hair, Warm Heart said...

I have learned that when my time is balanced with my daughter, I perform best in my life. Trust you are making the right decisions! Nice reading your blog and especially liked your fridge!