Friday, March 27, 2009

Lazy Squared

Training has been spotty. It's base building and there's sorta only one way to run from my house. Which means that every run is almost the same. Same distance, same pace, same route. Mentally, it's a challenge. Funny how routine becomes boring only in regards to some things. I could sit on the couch and eat the same flavor of ice cream, in the same bowl, in the same portion every night and be perfectly happy.
And when I don't run, I don't post. It's pretty much that simple.
Today I have a question and a comment:
1) The Credit Union I work for has an annual awards party which is coming up next Wednesday. It's pretty relaxed and is a chance for everyone to celebrate the year passed, have a few cocktails and let down their hair. Every year there is a theme and almost everyone dresses up including all the executives. Last year the theme was '80's Prom' and the CEO, CFO, COO and some of the VPs dressed up as KISS and did a kick ass air band. It's that kind of party.
This year the theme is 'Olympics', as Vancouver is hosting 2010, and I'm having trouble thinking up a costume that won't get me fired. Any ideas?
Now, the comment. Totally unrelated. And it's actually another question:
Why is it the man's responsibility to ensure that the toilet seat is put down? Both men and women have different seat needs and I don't understand why this is not a cooperative effort. Ladies, show your men some love and lift that seat.


runninggunner said...

Dude, nice post.
Go as a runner, I'm going as quatchi, got some earmuffs I can borrow.

kerrie said...

go as miga so that you can be quatchi's friend. as for the toilet seat - learn to aim better.

Ryan Denner said...

at the risk of being murdered on the internet: because women need something to whine about :)

Jackson said...

I think you should go as none other than Jeff Gillooly, Tonya Harding's hired gun. If that falls through you should go as either Ben Johnson or Carl Lewis