Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've been doing most of my running at night now that I am getting Violet ready for daycare in the mornings. About one mile from my house is a public golf course. Two 18 hole courses at one venue. The security guy there sees me but doesn't seem to mind that I run there after dark. 9 holes plus the distance to and from is about 5 miles. Quiet, peaceful, smooth, rolling terrain all to myself. It's awesome. Last night I wished I had my camera. I'll bring it along next time. I'm also thinking of buying some cross country spikes so I can run on the fairways instead of the cart paths!
Speaking of spikes:
I've been watching a lot of track and field videos on Flotrack. I don't know how it happened but I became a running fan. I know names, schools, I can tell you what DMR stands for! Weird. NHL playoffs are starting and I couldn't tell you who made the cut. But, I do know that Austin Abbott from UW is confirmed in the 1500 at Mt SAC. I kinda want to kick my own ass...
So, like I've done my whole life, I see something and think "I can do that. Maybe I should train to try and run the Women's Olympic 'B' standard for the 5K." Seriously, I literally watch elite athletes and then think, Hmmm, why not?
I remember watching a BMX video when I was a kid and then buying a Haro Master so I could become a freestyle BMX rider. Now I work in a Credit Union. hahaha.
So anyways, I watch these videos of these elite runners and I notice something: fast runners spend a lot of time running up on their toes. And those 1500 guys, their heels never touch the track. And I've heard the same thing about Haile. Below is a picture of some cross country spikes. Notice where the 'spikes' are.

So, with this in mind, and because watching elite video automatically qualifies me to train like them, the next time I go running I make an effort to get forward on my foot strike. It feels awkward, like I'm way up on my toes but the road is meeting me right on the balls of my feet. It's quick and quiet and faster.
It's also prevented me from walking right for the last two days. My calves are trashed! When Daniels talks about base training being time for skeletal and muscular adaptations, I'm guessing this is what he means.


Ward said...

Golf courses are great... During the summer I like to run there any chance I get.

Try running barefoot.. that will get you up on the balls of your feet as well.. There is a lot of benefit to incorporating some barefoot running into your base training.

GZ said...


Ryan Denner said...

yeah dude, running front/mid foot makes a difference - for the good!

the problem with distance-ish runners is we need to run FASTER to get the full benefit!

Jackson said...

Are you talkin about Northview golf and Country?

And Yes, If you are a Habs fan it is pointless to watch those 4 games that they will get destroyed in the playoffs.