Saturday, April 18, 2009


Each year, the company I work for sponsors a corporate team in the 'SunRun', a 56,000 person 10K run through downtown Vancouver. I believe it is the second largest road race in North America. Long time readers might remember that last year Gunner and I ran to the start line. Along the way, Gunn was so afraid of what he thought was a porcupine, which turned out to be a basketball, that he crossed the street to get away. In fairness, i thought it might be a porcupine too. What can I say? It was early...
Good times.
I signed up again this year and the race goes on Sunday. Because there are so many people, they have wave starts and unless you get a decent spot near the front you cannot run. And, like many things, lots of people over estimate their ability and you end up with a number of people in your wave that should not be there. This year, I am 'that guy'
The race organizers ask for a recent race time in order to assign waves. I gave them my 3:15 time from Vegas marathon. They gave me my bib. It's blue and the number was surprisingly low.

Below is the back of the race big which assigns your starting corral according to the color of the bib. For context, the red numbers run from 55,000-80,000.

Never been in the first corral before. Pretty sure I'll be the only guy in there not wearing race flats. This race is sponsored by a large local newspaper and a big, colour picture of the front row at the start always ends up in the paper. My new race goal: get in that picture!


runninggunner said...


Now show us you deserve it.

beth said...

GET IN THAT RACE PICTURE! best race goal ever :)

kerrie said...

yeah, be that guy! make sure you are leading through the first km - you'll get your picture in the paper for sure ;)

SixTwoThree said...

Wow, what a cool honor! Oh to be in the back of the front of the pack:-) Seriously, that's cool!