Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another road trip, another mountain, another post

This weekend made a mad dash to Vernon to see my mom and Keith for the weekend. Jammed straight from work on Saturday and got there about 8:30. Put Violet to bed and was crushed from a long day of work and driving.
It wasn't until Sunday that I realized I had totally forgotten to do my push ups on Saturday. Some background: I stated doing push ups every day in January of 2009. I started with 10 a day and have added one to the number I do each week. I'm up to 41 push ups a day and Saturday was only the third day all year that I haven't done them and the first two were because I was literally too sick to get out of bed. So, needless to say I was pretty bummed. I swear that my pecs looked smaller.

Sunday we had all day so after breakfast we headed up to Silver Star mountain just outside of town before heading over to meet my mom for lunch.
Here's Violet crushing a bowl of berries.

Once again I found myself at the top of a lift line wishing I had my bike. It was crazy. We got there just before the lift opened and the mountain and village plaza were empty. Took a quick stroll out onto the mountain to check it out.

Beautiful views of the valley below:

Violet and I hopped up onto a trail that wasn't for hikers to check out a sick MTB bridge built over the path. The end of the bridge we are walking away from is a sick 25 foot 45 degree ladder with a super sharp banked turn at the bottom. It gave me butterflies to think about riding it.

The mountain was awesome and the views were incredible. I just don't know why I keep torturing myself by going to mountains without my bike. It's a sickness.

By the time we walked back to the village the lifts were almost open and the place was packed with tons of super sweet rigs including a girl rocking full armour and riding a bright pink dually that reminded me of a 'roided out version of this girl's ride.

The Vernon area is semi arid climate and all sorts of crazy wildlife lives in the area. Keith took us up to a nature conservatory that's funded entirely by donation so we could check out some of the exhibits and support the local conservation movement. It was rad! We were the only people there when we arrived and the two girls who were working were all over Violet!
The even busted out a gopher snake that was as long as Violet is tall and my little girl was brave enough to let it crawl on her hand. I was pretty impressed.

Met up with mom for lunch and pretty much relaxed in the heat for the rest of the trip. Lounged, ate, slept, repeat.
A highlight of the trip was hearing that my mom is planning to start riding her bike to work! I'm so pumped to hear it. We went to a local shop and picked out a super cool Trek 7 speed cruiser. It's 7km from her house to work and this bike should totally do the trick. I'll throw up a pic if she buys it. So pumped. Go Mom!

I just finished cleaning my bathroom and I don't care if they discover that five penguins die for every can they make: I will never stop buying Comet.


runninggunner said...

Looks like a fun trip. I can't believe you needed a whole can of comet for cleaning your bathroom. That's disgusting

Jackson said...

Please tell me you went for a ride in your mom's boat! haha