Friday, July 24, 2009

Updates and Excuses

What I have been doing lately is hard to call 'training'. Lots of easy efforts, 140ish HR, one hour in duration or so, 4-5 days as week. I'm getting leaner and maybe a little faster. Averaging about 30 miles per week without a long run. Trying to work a long run in but finding it tough to get my ass out of bed on Sunday morning when I dont have a race day deadline staring me down. The goal is to get frquency and duration up to 6-7 days/50+ miles averages going in to Fall.
Gunner is off the DL and we've managed to get several runs in together. Running with him really helps to keep the efforts down!
Work and home life has been nuts and have kept me away from the posts a little. Jamie and I are meeting with a designer next week to talk about some renos on the place so I'll be able to post about that at least.
Polaris Music Prize has announced theior short list and an album from 'Hey Rosetta' made the cut. It's been a huge fav of mine this summer and I'll throw a track of theirs up here tomorrow when I'm not posting from work!

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