Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3:10 in Boston

3:10:40. Very happy with the day's effort. The legit BQ time that eluded me in Vegas. Had a goal to try and go under 3. The goal was beyond me but I had my mind set on taking a shot at it. Was tracking pretty well at half (setting a 2 min PR in the process) but by the hills in Newton it became obvious that I had gone out too hard. Quads/calves were cooked and cramping from the downhill running. By the top of Heartbreak 3 hours was gone as a goal and legs were smashed. Decided to bring it in easy and enjoy the last stretch of the race. Likely could have put up a faster time with a more conservative start but I have no regrets about the decision to get after it. Posting from a PC at the B&B where we are staying thats about 10 years old. More detailed report to come.

0:22:04 5k
0:43:31 10k
1:04:44 15k
1:26:05 20k
1:30:43 Half
1:47:51 25k
2:11:04 30k
2:35:12 35k
3:00:03 40k
3:10:40 Finish
0:07:17 Pace
2661 Overall
2446 Gender
1646 Division


beth said...

YEE-HAW! congrats, way to go big.

Jen said...

AWESOME... can't wait to read more.

runninggunner said...

nice work homey!. Super stoked.

jameson said...

awesome man! how did you celebrate?

GZ said...

When do we get the full report?

brad said...

nice work! you're the man.

Brandon Fuller said...

Congrats on the race!