Thursday, April 1, 2010

Week 22 Update

Week 22, two and a half weeks to go until we leave. I guess two weeks tomorrow until the plane leaves. Things are coming together and I'm feeling pretty good. Chart above is from long-ish run from Monday. It's no Lucho-esque effort, but I was pretty happy with it and the PE for this was pretty easy until the last push.
Still trying to settle on a race pace. Gunner has been pushing me to take a shot a 3 hours and Jamie is on board with that plan as well. I'd need to run 6:50's to get there.
Because of family and work commitments over the next little while this may be the last shot I have at a marathon for a while. I'm in better shape than in Vegas and there wont be as many pre race distractions. And I have had a sub 3 as a goal.
But, there is a voice in the back of my head that keeps after me about the level of my fitness and whether I'm fit enough to run sub 3. And if I can't shut that voice up in the next two weeks I'm not going to pull it off.

Anyways, now it's time to see what I'm made of. I really don't have anything to lose by throwing it into the fire and seeing what happens. Worst case scenario, I set a new PR in the half, blow up all over the place, have a nice walk through Boston and enjoy my week's vacation. Actually, that wouldn't be so bad. At least that would mean that I went after it. Worst case scenario is putting in all the training, getting to Boston, being close and not taking a shot or letting off the gas before blowing up because I'm worried about hurting too much later.

This is the part where a fast old lady from SK stops by the comments section and blows me up.

Anyways, I'm running a 4x10 minute threshold session and I'll be wearing the HR monitor. I'll put the charts up tomorrow. If there are any amateur internet physiologists out there that can see something in there, have a go.


runninggunner said...

Seriously homey, when have I steered you wrong? Remember when you didn't even think qualifying was possible? Who told you it was? And why was it? Cause why not. You're in better shape, faster, smarter, etc. It's better to go for a stretch goal and fail than to be safe and wonder, what if?


scottiedid said...

i say go for it man. look at your post and you'll notice you list like 10 good reasons to go for it. it's pretty clear you want to....visualize man! it works!

kerrie said...

yeah, go for it and quite being such a princess!! and whatever you do, don't let brandon fuller beat you ;). he's going to break 3 hrs too but he had to crap his pants to maybe give him some room. lol.