Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 13 Summary and quality workouts

Week 13, 11 weeks till race day. Biggest mileage week for me ever. Just over 70. Legs feel good. Bit of a twinge in my right calf that I'll have to keep an eye on but otherwise feeling good.

Stopped wearing the HR strap for the key workouts because it was pretty uncomfortable and giving me a spot of chafing on my sternum. Long run was tough, ran on a dike next to the Pacific, 11 mile out and back, with the wind on the way out and fighting it all the way back. It's a hill without a summit. Effort equal to about 20 sec/mile faster pace. Good for the mind. Toughen up...

With the internet comes podcasts, and with podcasts comes new music. I DL'd about 10 albums today and will throw up some more good stuff once I've had a chance to listen to it all.
Today, something a little outside my usual sphere: a Canadian/Somalian rapper named K'Naan and two singles from his latest album 'Troubadour'. He was raised in Mogadishu until he was 13 and then moved to Toronto. Powerful perspective listening to someone with his background.


Jason Andrew Mellet said...

great to hear about the mileage, watch out for that calf, might need to rest it a little bit. itherwise check out the Rocktape link on my blog page. It will take you to my website where you can try out this new Kinesiology tape ive been using on my calves and on my knee. there are a ton of applications and might just give you the edge you need in your next race. Let me know what you think.

Best of luck. I have my 14 week old daughter laying here in the bed next to me and we think your blog picture with your kid in your sweater is super cute.


runninggunner said...

Way to hit a mileage milestone dude.

Ryan Denner said...

I did the tunes!