Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lydiard is my sherpa

It's a funny thing sometimes: the more you learn about something the more you realize what you still have to learn. It's like getting a real sense of the size of a mountain in the distance as you approach it. How it looks from afar is nothing like how it looks when you are standing at it's base. I knew it was big but...

This is kind of how I have been feeling about my training lately. The more I learn about training protocol, the more blogs that I read, the more articles about lactate threshold, heart rate zones etc. the more I get the feeling that my current plan may be incomplete and/or inadequate.

With that in mind, I sought out to find some research online about some of the more popular schools of thought when it comes to running training and came across Arthur Lydiard's 'Athletic Training' paper. This was one of the first schools of thought that was sited on the web pages I came across and although his methods seem to have produced some impressive results, they are not without some controversy.

And I'm off on the never ending approach of the summit.

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