Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today's run and more race pics

Today easy jogging 50 minutes at 135BPM. About 9:22/mile. Easy, easy effort and about 30 seconds per mile faster at same HR against when I started this type of training.

Here's some more pics of the race on Sunday. A great big thanks to Natasha from work who walked the 10K and was wise enough to bring along her camera!

Anybody need a T-shirt? I've always wondered what happens to all these shirts. About 10 blocks from here is the poorest neighbourhood in the country. I hope they found their way over. Below is a pic looking towards the start line from near the back.

This stretch of road was part of the bike course in last summer's ITU event. Simon Whitfield out-kicked Andy Potts at the line to take the win and then hopped a helicopter to fly back to Victoria for the birth of his daughter. Brian and I were standing right at the finish line with only an empty transition area between us and the athletes. I've volunteered for this summer's ITU worlds here in Vancouver and look forward to another great race.

Some scenery shots. A great day in a beautiful city. If there was surf in the bay, it couldn't get any better. That big white bubble in the pic below is BC Place, the site of the opening ceremonies for the 2010 winter Olympics.

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jameson said...

Damn... BC is beautiful! I dated a chick up there for a while and spent a lot of time in vancouver and up in whistler snowboarding... I love it up there.... i miss it!