Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is why people think we're crazy

That's how I spent my Sunday morning. Take special care and notice the start time of the first lap. Yeah, that's the good stuff. Nice, long 22 miler Sunday morning. Felt good for the most part. As with all long runs there were times that it hurt and I felt like stopping but that's the name of the game. My instructions were not to over think this run so I set the Garmin to only display time and distance so I would know 1) when to eat and 2) when to turn around on my out and back route. I was pretty happy with how things turned out. Better average pace with a lower average and max HR.

This next chart, and the accompanying instructions, is why people think runners are nuts. My instructions were basically as follows:

Think of the steepest hill near your house
Run there
Run up and down it until you puke
Run back

The chart doesn't include the 'run there' portion (6 miles) The 'until you puke' portion is about mile 2 1/4. Hard hill repeats + lots of water right after you finish = predictable result. Training is fun! And to think I voluntarily trade my hard earned cash for these kinds of instructions. Crazy is not too far off!


jameson said...

damn... 5:45am on a Sunday. That's rough. The hill workout looks solid... did you puke?

FatDad said...

It was more of a vurp. But yeah.

Julie said...

You are crazy ward! Just as crazy as my hubby. Keep it going. I won't be able to see u run by in vegas cuz you'll be so fast.....or um maybe that will be because I can't see the course from my blackjack table ;) just kiddin'.