Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I could cop out and say that the delay between posts is because training has left me feeling shelled and too tired to write. But let's be honest here: If Jeff and James can post within hours (minutes maybe?) of finishing incredible race efforts then the three regular readers of this blog will be calling BS on that excuse before you can say DNF. I have been putting in the work but not like those guys. I watched both of them finish on TV and I'm pretty sure that I haven't been on TV (internet or otherwise). If you did see me on TV, it would probably be because something had gone terribly wrong. Like the meth lab in the townhouse next to mine blew up and the news is doing the requisite 'stunned neighbour' interview:
"Nope, they seemed like normal folks, pretty much kept to themselves." Insert me looking stunned here.
Wow, where did that come from?
So, yeah, it's been a bit since the last post but there really hasn't been too much to report. Training has been going well. Lucho (needs new nickname now but how do you come up with one for someone who claims his new last name is 'Wolverine'? And no, I'm not anywhere near brave enough to call him 'Jog Daddy'!) used to deliver my schedule every four weeks and we would confer throughout that time. Now he sends it one week at a time under the auspice that he wants to make sure I'm not broken when he sends the next 7 helpings of 'Pain Cake'. Here you go. Eat up.
In the last four days, I've done 40 miles with about half of those at or slightly below race effort. Feeling good other than the need to eat constantly. My lunch bag for work was big before but now it's getting silly. I'm at the point where I may just shop for the week and leave it in the lunchroom fridge so I don't have to cart everything to and fro everyday. I don't know where my calorie intake stands but I have basically added a whole extra meal per day.
I've also become reacquainted with my old friend the treadmill. This week I'll have done 2 of the 5 workouts on that lovely machine. Great for leg turnover and pace control, not so good for pervy old naked guys in the changeroom and the HEAT! They keep the Y in my hood pretty toasty. Yesterday, I pulled what I call the 'Simon Classic' and fired my hat off onto the floor part way through the workout. Hey, it worked for him (and once for me, regular readers will recall). I have to remember to get a visor for Vegas!
Musically, the weather has changed and that means the iPod has pretty much gone away for the winter. I did catch an Arcade Fire song that I hadn't heard for a while and I'll try to throw that up when I get home.

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runninggunner said...

About time bro! Buying your lunch and leaving it in the fridge might not be fair to your co-workers, unless you get your own fridge.