Monday, November 3, 2008

Make Good Choices

Cut the long run this weekend. It called for some efforts at race pace and I wasn't feeling 'right'. As well, I had some pain in my ankle flare up that had been quite for about a month. Usually it loosens up during the WU, but this time it didn't happen. The sound of my stride said it all: a nice loud slap every time my left foot hit the pavement. Not good. Feels OK now after some stick work on my calves but Dr. Tim moved my rest week up a little just in case.
Southern neighbours: Tomorrow is a big day. Rock the Vote.


beth said...

rock the vote.
heal the ankle.
enjoy the rest.

BreeWee said...

I would LOVE to come race with you and Beth... the little bet/jokes you 2 have going on is totally entertaining! AND I would give my left shoe for Jamesons food!

ha ha... hope all is well...with the ankle too!