Friday, November 14, 2008

Is it genetic?

Similar, hey? The top picture is my daughter, Violet. She's the one on the blog header trying to escape from my hoodie. The bottom picture is my wife Jamie at the same age, er, um, a few years back.

I think I have an idea what Violet may look like when she grows up!

Not a training post AT ALL but two cute baby pictures is a good cop out until I can get something put together.

I've included some more music as a special added bit o filler. This track is a song called 'Highway Patrolman' from Bruce Springsteen's watershed album 'Nebraska' released in 1982. It seemed a fitting choice considering the 'family' theme we've got going here. Between 'Nebraska' and 'Born in the USA' you can see pretty quickly why they call him The Boss. It's slow and haunting and I'm not ashamed to say the first time I heard this album I cried. Enjoy.

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Jackson said...

You should get some "Dancin in the Dark" or some "Born In the USA" on here man!