Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Final Countdown

I can hear all of you singing the intro: ba da bum bummm... bada bum bum bummmm...

10 days to go and it's been another good week with Tim at the helm. I have to say, as public recognition, that this guy has taken my running farther in a short amount of time than I had ever imagined. Unreal. Not that he needs me to plug him as a coach but I'll do it anyways. When he has a coaching spot available, get it. You won't be disappointed. Sore, yes. Stretched, yes. Tired, yes. Fatigued, yes. Motivated, yes. Sick of hearing your alarm clock, yes, oh sweet mother, yes.

But not disappointed.

It just occurred to me that this kind of public ass kissing could have saved me a lot of pain if I had employed it say, oh, about 15 weeks ago instead of now, right before the taper that I pray every day is coming but never seems to show up.

Anyways, 2 highlights from last week:

Thursday AM: 2 miles warm up increasing to 7:20/mi by the end, 6 miles @ 7:00/mi, 1 mile cool down.

Same workout in the PM. 18 miles total ON A WEEKDAY! It's good thing that I sit in a chair all day at work.

Sunday AM: 2 mile WU, 17 miles at 7:30/mi or better, 1 mile easy.

Same workout in the PM.

Ok, I'm kidding, the PM session was more like me pounding down bowls of ravioli and lounging on the couch watching TV.

Speaking of nutrition, this week calls for a slight reduction in daily/weekly calories. I've eaten two snickers bars already today in addition to the usual shopping bag of things I bring to work . Things have definitely gotten off on the wrong foot there.

For those of you who thought it was coming: As if I'm going to post a 'Europe' song here. Europe is forever linked to the beautiful art of magic, thanks to this guy.

I wanted to post NWA's '100 miles and runnin'" but that's pretty much NSF-anywhere so we'll go with NWA's only radio friendly track 'Express Yourself' from the classic album 'Straight outta Compton' where you can hear a very young, pre-'Chronic' Dr. Dre proclaim that drug use causes brain damage. That Snoop Dog is a bad influence.


beth said...

i just laughed out loud about 10 times. so, at least you got the funny thing going for you when i kick your "same session in the pm" ass...

just kidding. vegas is going to be a blast. i can't wait until its over. glad to hear someone is still motivated.

runninggunner said...

Vegas is going to be sweet! Hopefully I'll be running.