Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rest and Recovery

The adjusted schedule had me laying pretty low the last few days. I've been doing some aqua jogging and dry sauna in the morning and short, easy runs in the evening. I'm back doing strengthening and flexibility exercises for the ankle and really working my calves over with the stick. All is well on that front.

I'm pretty sure that one of the key requirements to being a coach is the ability to hand out grueling new forms of training. In fact, I would say that all of the great coaches in history do just that:

"Paint the fence? Crazy old man..."

"Wax on Wax off? What the hell does that mean?"

"When can I come down off this dang piling?"

Then, after spending the whole movie trying to show Elisabeth Shue what a pimp he is


Suck on that, Cobra Kai! Crane kick. 2nd best movie martial arts move ever.

Daniel Larusso 1, Douchebags 0

Look at Rocky. He and Mickey. That was some crazy stuff those cats were doing.

"Hey, Rock, pick up this log and run through the snow."

"Sweet, a big frozen beef. Get ready for some punchin, beef!"

Then, after spending the whole movie trying to show Adrian what a pimp he is


How you like them apples Apollo Creed?

Underdog 1, Cocky Champ 0 (for now......)

The magic formula is 'crazy coach+grueling training=success'

At least that's what I was thinking this morning amidst the hallucinations after 20 minutes in the dry sauna.


beth said...

ha ha....i wrote a mr. miyagi reference a couple posts back. totally.
i prefer to just call him mr. evil (got that one from kerrie!- sorry lucho)..
think about the sauna like the marathon. the last 5 minutes (miles) are exponentially tougher...if you let your mind think they are.

oh, and fro yo IS good for you. in fact i added a clause that i earn fro yo if i run 20 or more miles on a weekday. becuase i did today and i am putting down the computer right now and heading to the "yogurt shack"..

5 weeks to goooo!!!! hope the healing goes well. could be a good break for sure. i could use one :)

jameson said...

I have to comment since you brought the karate kid... love that movie! Daniel Larusso was my here growing up along with Cru Jones (RAD).

the sauna... I have worked my way up to 20 minutes and still basically have a panic attack the last two minutes...

where we getting drinks after the mary?

I am coaching beth to "sweep the leg" so watch out!