Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Back" in business!

All is well in regards to the back situation. Took pretty well all last week off to rest up on the advice of my chiropractor. Whadda know? All that school taught him more than how to remove tonnes of cash from my wallet! Kidding, it's money well spent for someone like me with a long history of back issues.
Anyways, Monday and today 45 min at 140 BPM, nice and easy with a pile of gentle stretching afterwards.
I didn't write about this, but a few weeks ago, a gym regular approached me while i was on the treadmill and asked how long I would be. I had seen this guy in the gym pretty well every morning that I had been there. Tall, early 50's, grey hair with a way-too-good tan. Like George Hamilton. The Y has a 30 min policy and I had already been running about 55 minutes at that point. I told the guy, "No problem, I'm done. I've been on here a while anyways." He replies, " I can see that..." which i thought was a little dick-ish seeing how I was more than gracious about stepping off. But whatever, I had gone over and he was totally in the right to ask me to hop off so I didn't think too much of it.
After I wipe down the treadmill I head over to the core/stretching area to cool off. Along the way I pass the other bank of treadmills and there are about a half dozen free machines!!!! What the crap? Why would that dude ask me to get off when there were piles of free machines to use?
I was telling this story to Brian today, and not only did he know exactly who I was talking about, but had a story for me as well.
Apparently, this old leathery bugger is the 'stands at the mirror and shaves with all his junk hanging out' guy.
Why am I not surprised?

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jameson said...

stoked to hear you are back in action... and yeah people at the gym are weird. I had a gnarly run in today... i will post it on my blog later this week.