Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It was a hot weekend and we left the windows open in our bedroom last night. About 5AM the windows were shaking and it started raining like crazy. Thunderclaps, lightning bolts, the whole works coming down pretty much right on top of our house. We get a lot of rain, but this was unusual even for here. My alarm was set to go off at 5:30 and I was laying there thinking "I don't want to get up, I dont want to get up, I don't want to get up..." But really, there's no going back to sleep in that kind of storm. Plus, the room was still cooking so I knew it wouldn't be cold. Just wet. Really, really wet.

Anyways, hopped out of bed and had at 'er. Felt sluggish but legs were moving pretty well. Tuesdays are scheduled 'hard' workouts, 75 min at 150 BPM. Still easy aerobic but higher HR than the rest of the week. Had to push a little at the beginning to get my HR up to 150 but settled in not too long after that. Total mileage was around 9 miles, 75 minutes at 149 BPM average.

Jolting highlight: I was running through the neighbourhood under a light post when I thought I saw and heard the light bulb burst. A split second later, I was hit by the thunderclap RIGHT ON TOP OF ME! All the hairs on my one arm stood up and the pressure popped my one ear. I was sure that I would get home and see that half my hair had gone white. I even checked my Garmin to see if it was fried. I've never been close enough to a lightning bolt to hear it crackle before and I hope I'm not that close again. As if my shorts weren't wet enough before that!

A question for anyone out there who might have the answer: I read somewhere that a person should avoid a high carb meal for up to 90 minutes before a workout to prevent the body from relying on those carbs for fuel and force it to burn fat stores instead. I've been trying this as my HR has been low enough to get away with it but the problem is I'm getting hungry on the longer runs.

Has any one:

a) heard this as well?

b) have a solution to the hunger issue?


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runninggunner said...

Crazy Story. I would say if you are hungry, you should probably eat.