Friday, July 4, 2008

Canadian Content

CBC radio 3 podcast today was their annual summer mix tape episode. 90 minutes of independant Canadian artists. Here's the playlist:

My Old Jacknife
To The City
The I Spies
Them Kids
Sam Roberts
Good Fortune
Weeping Tile
In the Beginning
The Stills
Private Wars
Grand Theft Bus
Through the Night These Days
Jason Collett
End Of The Beginning
Blue Sky Addicts
The Ballad of El Doucho
The Wet Secrets
I Need A Friend
Small Sins
Fix You
Threat from Outer Space
Vagabond (feat. Shad)
Hey Ocean!
Jon-Rae and the River
The Cheapest Key
Kathleen Edwards
Reach Down To Me
Malcolm Bauld
Tall Trees
Matt Mays & El Torpedo
Keep On (Champion's Alternate Take)
The Wheat Pool
The Banks Of The English Bay
Said The Whale
Family Reunion
Corb Lund Band
Where and When
Deeper Than Beauty
No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes (on the highway tonight)
Hawksley Workman
Put There By The Land
Great Lake Swimmers

A great mix for roadtripping or running. DL for your own listening pleasure here by clicking the podcast link at the top and then the Radio 3 icon and going to past episodes #163. Do it.

75 minutes. 9.14 miles, 8:12/mile 152 BPM average.

Last day before the family and I leave to Cabo at the Riu Santa Fe for a weeks vacation. Bringing my Garmin and running shoes but the room has a fully stocked comp mini bar so we'll see how that goes.

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runninggunner said...

Lovin the Radio 3 and NPR podcasts. MGMT is a band I'm totally diggin.

Hope Mexico was good, will catch up Monday.