Monday, July 21, 2008

Great Weekend

Oh man, what a difference couple of days make. I had a great three hour long run on Sunday, covered 19+ miles and felt great. Put back a ton of calories after the run and the next day my legs felt awesome. There's something to this MAF training: I used to feel smashed after my long runs because I was running them way too fast. Monday I felt super fresh and ready to go.

On Monday, Gunner and I grabbed the bikes and headed out to Buntzen lake, the site of the Canadian National Off Road Triathlon Championships in September. It was an AMAZING day for a ride. The weather was great and because it was a Monday the lake was pretty quiet. We had planned to pre-ride the tri course so Brian would have an idea of what he was in for come September but that didn't really work out. We caught some of the course, but mostly we just wound up and down the singletrack. What a sweet way to spend a Monday. Man, I was impressed with Brian. That guy can climb like a mountain goat. He had me sucking wind within the first ten minutes. But I would get him back later with the heavy dually on the descents!

We spent most of our time on a trail called Lakeview and this photo shows why its called what it is.

Gunner checking out the sights. Note the new helmet with no cracks. Yet.

Another peek at the lake. So hard to do it justice in the pictures, but it was awesome.

One cool thing about getting lost is you never know what you'll see. Buntzen lake is actually a BC Hydro reservoir and we stumbled across a tank up on top of a steep cliff with some pipes running down the side of the mountain.

Brian on a little stretch of trail called Academy that will be part of the triathlon course in September.

Remember, its all about balance!

Put in about 2:10 in the saddle yesterday and for me that was A LOT!!! I was bagged this AM but got my run in after work and after a tasty roast chicken dinner feel great.

Being out on the bike really got me stoked to sign up for the race there in September. I can't really swim, so the tri is out, but they have a du and a 10K trail run. I'm leaning towards doing the run but I could probably be convinced to do the du! Either way, I can't wait to get back up there.

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runninggunner said...

Go DU it!!!! I was thinking it'll be more fun.