Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bumps in the Road

Been a bit of a crazy week. Felt something go 'ping' in my calf last week that went from kinda sore to pretty painful in a mile or two and caused me to cut it short. That was Thursday morning. Thursday night started to feel not right in the stomach and by Friday morning, things were, um, upset. Missed a couple days work with some sort of stomach virus that has been tearing it's way through pretty well everyone I know, including Jamie and Violet.
Understandably, the training log has looked pretty empty, and there were 6 zeroes in a row until this AM. Felt OK, enery levels were good and things are back to normal from being sick.
The calf is still tight but not painful. I'll have to go and get someone to have a look at it before running it through too many more hard efforts.

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