Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A pic from the deck of the resort. Couple cruise ships in town mean no deals to be had from the vendors.

A pic on route from the airport. This was five minutes from the resort and was about eight lit gravel soccer fields all in one place. These guys are playing a little 'American Football' On the gravel. Hardcore.

Land's end. The bottom of the Baja peninsula.

This is the first photo I took when we got off the plane. The fog is all the condensation on the lens from the humidity.
Shore break. No swimming, please. I saw one dude try and duck dive these waves for about 5 minutes trying to get out past the break. I wasn't going to go out to save him but it looked like someone was going to have to before he finally gave up.

The view from the front desk. Pretty sweet.

We have both eaten our eagle eggs and gotten all our nutrients. Ready to throw down, Luchador style.

All in all, Mexico was pretty beautiful but I don't know that I want to do the whole resort thing again. We had a beautiful room, good food, good pools, good booze and the resort staff was fantastic. But while I was out for a run one day something happened that made me rethink who things work down there.

I was running against traffic down a road in the front of the neighbouring resort. A car passed me and turned his signal on to turn left into a gravel parking lot. The driver was a resort staff member on his way to work. The way was clear and I stopped to let him turn. As the car passed in front of me, the driver saw that I had stopped to let him turn and his face totally changed. He started apologizing over and over and calling me sir. He just kept saying "sorry sir' over and over again. He was totally in the right and had no need to apologize at all. But the Cabo economy is 95% tourism and it was obvious he was ready to say whatever he needed to to keep me happy. It felt terrible. After that, I really thought a lot about whether I want to support that kind of social disparity when I vacation. If we go back to Mexico, I'll be pulling for a rented apartment and home cooked meals.

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