Friday, July 18, 2008

This is the cause of all the trouble...

Or maybe not...
I'll start by saying that I don't usually eat a lot of sweets. I used to have a pretty bad sweet tooth but now it's more or less under control. However, like everyone, I have my weak moments. And those moments usually involve large amounts of ice cream and regret! Tuesday night was no different. A nice big bowl of Island Farms "Moose Tracks" at about 8PM. So delicious and rivals any B&J flavour out there. If you're looking for a habit that falls somewhere between cigarettes and crack on the 'Addict-o-meter' check it out.

The trouble for me is three fold:

1) I am naturally a little 'wound up'

2) I don't eat a ton of sugar normally

3) When I eat sugar, I can really, really feel it.

So, 1:30 AM on Wednesday morning, I'm still awake thinking maybe the ice cream wasn't such a good idea. No way that I'm answering the bell for my workout at 4:30. Third time that something like this has happened in the last three weeks. One missed workout a week because I cant sleep after downing some late night sugar is unacceptable. I'm a slow learner. And the worst part is, when Jamie asked who wanted ice cream I could hear a helpful little voice in my head saying 'Don't do it, you know you won't sleep'. Then the ice cream junkie shanked that little voice, dragged it in to an alley and came back with an empty bowl saying 'Me please!'.

So, I make up for missing the run Wednesday morning by running Wednesday night. Good run, easy aerobic effort. Home by 9, bed by 10.

Woke up Thursday morning and I could barely move my neck. I have NO IDEA what happened during the night but I was messed up.

So, no run Thursday AM.

Came home early from work on Thursday around lunch, popped a couple muscle relaxants and called it a day.

Friday morning: Still really stiff, but a little better than yesterday. No run Friday AM.

So, whether or not eating ice cream has anything to do with my sore neck and the subsequent missed training sessions is debatable.

But the point for is that:

I did something that I knew would have negative effects,

I'm missing workouts,

and with about 20 weeks to race day I'm stressing out about it.

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