Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Incredible Athleticism.

Roman Sebrle, Czech decathlete was named as the world's greatest athlete by the Wall Street Journal. I went to You tube to find some footage of Roman doing his thing (there's a great compilation of all his bests from the various events. WSJ is right. This guy is a beast!) and while I was there I caught a look at this video of Olympic high jumper Stefan Holm working out using hurdles. I'd never seen anything like this. Enjoy.

85 minutes. 9.59 miles. 8:85/mile 147 BPM average. Ate some sherbert before bed last night and slept like crap. The heat and the sugar wrecked me and I almost didnt get up. Once I got going, things felt pretty solid. Ran to the gym at work, did a core workout, ran home.

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