Thursday, June 19, 2008

2400 meter test results

How lazy can you get? Rather than retyping the results of my 2400 meter test I decided to take a picture of the scraps of paper I have used to conduct the most scientific of testing.
To recap: about 8 weeks ago I decided to switch up my training methodology and follow a 'run slow to run fast' MAF type program based on a paper by Hadd and as practiced by Lucho with incredible success. At that time I performed a test he recommends called the 2400 meter test used to track your progress against a baseline result. The gist of it is that you time yourself over 2400 meters (or about 1.5 miles) at 5 progressively higher HRs. And about every 6 weeks you run the test again to compare the results to make sure that you are getting progressively faster at the same HR over the same distance.
I had put the test off a week so these results are after 8 weeks rather than the recommended 6. Still, pretty exciting.
The numbers to the left are the HR and the numbers on the right are approx minutes per mile.
First, the original pace over 2400 meters, including strategically placed 'coffee spot' that lends the test some real credibility.

And secondly, the results from this weeks effort.

Yup, that's right. Over a full minute per mile faster at 140BPM. At first I thought that must be a mistake but it makes sense given that I have done by far the most mileage right around that 140BPM mark. Anyways, I was beyond stoked to see that number. I have no idea what kind of progress to expect from here but if I am running 8 minute miles at 140BPM in another 8 weeks I'll be giddy. Either way, it's working, and not just at the bottom end. I have not had my HR over 150 BPM for 8 weeks and still shaved seconds off the times at 160, 170, 180 BPM. Not as much, but dang I'll take 20 seconds either way!
It's so reassuring to see results from a program that was based mainly on theory and the testimony of others. Steady as she goes from here. Just keep piling on the miles, stay healthy, be patient and save some cash for the plane ticket to Boston.

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jameson said...

awesome! I love the the photos of the results... classic!

Those are some solid improvements. Keep it up...