Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Spent all weekend at the World Cup event in Vancouver and came away wanting to add multi sport to my training schedule after my Boston qualifier and a shot at a sub 40 min 10K. Saturday was early, early, up at 3AM onsite by 5AM to shuttle the Athletes With A Disability handlers and equipment between the swim start and T1. Next time I think I'm having a tough go, I'll remember the lady missing one arm and half a leg being carried from the water's edge into T1.
Or the guy coming of the bike and hopping on his carbon fibre 'riding leg' until he could switch it out for his carbon fibre 'running leg'.
Incredible courage.
Saw some pretty sweet performances from the able bodied athletes as well. A staggering run off the bike for Alistair Brownlee from England in the men's U-23 race and an equally impressive run from you-know-who for the Elite men.
Some excellent pics of the Canadian contingent at Gunner's blog
Some HR training data to post, maybe tonight. Also, am retesting on the 2400 meter test as well as the Conconi test and should have some sweet, juicy graphs to post by weeks end.

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