Friday, November 4, 2011


Staring to settle back into the rhythm. Run, write, repeat. Feels good. Colder and clear again tonight. Tights were out for the first time this year. Happy it wasn't raining. Enjoyed it while I can.
CFL football season is wrapping up. Home team is 1st in the Western conference after a slow start and the Grey Cup is here this year. Finding myself uninterested for the first time in years. NHL is in full swing and same goes for that. I saw an NHL replay of a guy drive his helmet into the face of another player from a yard away the way a football lineman would after the snap. Hard to find it in myself to follow a sport where that's part of the fabric/culture.
Oddly, I don't have the same feeling of revulsion when reading of guys being hospitalized thanks to their efforts at endurance races. It's not good, to be sure, and dangerous, but there's something about inflicting that level of violence of yourself that makes it more palatable. Lacking the element of victimization maybe? A reflection of my own demented ideas, perception bias, who knows...anyhoo...