Sunday, November 20, 2011

sunday-long run

cold here to start, - 6 degrees Celsius at 5:50AM. waning crescent moon, clear skies, beautiful morning. Saw a Fuji Shockproof, waterproof camera in the classic Sears Wish Book the other day and am adding it to 'the list' for this years gifts. the list now has one item on it. A crescent moon over a frost covered tree with an eagles nest in it made me wish it I had a camera to snap a Lucho-esque moonlight tree silhouette photo.
Legs felt great, lower back was loose throughout. I credit the warm up and cool down for the mobility through the spine.
Have to remember that a really light day and a day of sprints helped me to pop out of a rough patch of training.
bowl of cereal for breakfast today. felt OK till about an hour in, then sharp stomach cramps, im guessing my body finally starting to digest the milk.
Headphones are passing with flying colours. There is a volume dial on the cord which at first I thought was an unnecessary feature added to pad the price. however, when running though changing terrain (ie city streets to trails and back) in potential inclement weather conditions over longer periods of time when you might go through a few different albums, having the ability to adjust the volume while leaving your ipod/iphone/walkman tucked away in whatever case it might be stashed is nice litttle perk. Also, it's designed that you can work it with a light glove but won't self adjust when bouncing around.

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