Monday, November 14, 2011

week three-day one

solid outcome so far from my 40 day initiative. For the most part, runs have been easy and short but my body is responding well to the 5AM wake up expectation and the accompanying bedtime that said wake up requires. Re-establishing the morning training routine was a top priority for me and so that's a huge win and I'm pumped.
Couple longish runs so far and both have been comfortable. Lower back tightness toward the end of the longer runs. I presume it's from weak hamstrings and/or core and feel good that the tightness will go away as I get stronger.
I have been obsessing over the fact that I voluntarily missed what turned out to be Broken Social Scene's last show on Canadian soil before they called it quits. As a result, I've listened to pretty much nothing else but since I replaced my headphones save the one day I primed myself with Hey Rosetta for the concert that night.
New stuff when the grieving period is over.

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