Thursday, November 24, 2011


Good stuff on the endurance planet 'ask the hybrid/ultraunner' podcast with Lucho and Tawnee. got some good advice about nutrition, race planning and form that i feel will have immediate benefit. was happy to learn that some of the things i have undertaken with regards to improving form and along the right track: improving hip strength and flexibility, the short flat out sprints. i've had some issues with shin splints when using a jump rope in the past but i can see the benefits if a person can implement it properly and stay healthy. will try and gradually add that in as well over the next while and see how it goes.
was mindful of trying to 'lean from the ankles' this AM when i was out. it's one of those things that will feel awkward until it doesn't.

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runninggunner said...

Nice work homey. Keep on keeping on.